My Quick Halloween Party Food Idea

Every been rushed to bring something to a party?

Hopefully, you, like me, are smart enough to go to google and  search for simple party food ideas.  So there I was, two hours before a Halloween party, and I found a simple idea from Hostess With The Mostess

A Jack-O-Lantern Cheese Ball Recipe

Step 1:  Gather Your Ingredients

Why Artificial Intelligence Can't Replace Humans

Meet Georgie....

Georgie is an "interactive" toy puppy.  He responds to your voice commands like a real dog.  One Christmas, I bought Georgie (I mean Santa bought Georgie) for my youngest daughter, and for my eldest daughter, CHIP, the robot toy dog made by WowWee. Chip was even "more" interactive and advanced.

So what in the world could I learn about artificial intelligence from two "interactive" toy dogs that Santa brought my daughters for Christmas?  

Figgy Pudding Must Be Good......Right?

For YEARS, I have been asking myself the question, "What IS Figgy Pudding?"  Everyone I talk to seems to be familiar with it, but nobody seems to know just what it is.  I mean, it must be unbelievable, right?  From what I have heard, most people wont go 'til they get some.

So finally, I decided to try it.  Believe it or not, FINDING Figgy Pudding is harder than you would think.  There are things at the store called "Christmas Pudding" but when you look at the ingredients....NO FIGS.  Maybe it's some kind of conspiracy.

Gadget Tuesday - Light Keeper Pro

You have probably seen these things at the store

Never thought I needed one.  Seemed a little too "As Seen On TV" for me.

This year, we pulled out our pre-lit Christmas tree, set it up, and decorated.  Low and behold, I forgot to plug the tree in to test the lights before we decorated it.  Finally, the big reveal, and....half of the lights were out.  After fiddling with my voltage tester for about an hour, I FINALLY broke down and grabbed the Light Keeper Pro at Target.

I opened the box, and followed the directions.  I pulled one of the dead bulbs out, plugged the socket into the Light Keeper, and pulled the trigger.  VIOLA!  The lights turned on.  Honestly, I felt sort of like Tom Hanks in Castaway when he made fire. 

I am no electrician, and have no idea what wizardry lives in this thing, but I can honestly say that it saved Christmas.   I am now sitting here, typing this and looking at my beautifully lit tree with one less thing stressing me out on the long road to Christmas. 

You Need To Know Sunday - Best Uses For Baby Bell Cheese Wax

Hey everyone.  Welcome to a little segment I like to call "You Need To Know Sunday."  Because its Sunday, and this is something you need to know.

Backstory - I heard Baby Bell Cheeses were a healthy snack and my kids LOVE peeling off the wax.  After throwing away all of those red wax wrappers, I thought to myself....

"There Has To Be A Better Use For These!!!"

A quick google search will show you that people use the cheese to make cute designs.

But lets get real.  What do actual people do with these things.  

GeoCaching Supplies - What To Wear While Geocaching

Cold weather, the outdoors in general, and TICKS can make a fun hobby like Geocaching a complete nightmare.  When putting together your Geocaching Supplies Kit, it is imperative that you know what to wear while GeoCaching.

This blog post will NOT be covering that information.  Instead, this blog post will introduce a different take on what you should wear while GeoCaching.

Pretty In Pink 30th Anniversary Post

Scrolling through Facebook today, I noticed that Pretty In Pink was "trending."  Hoping that there was no tragic news of Long Duck Dong passing away (wait, that was 16 Candles) I clicked the link, only to find that today, February 28th, 2016 is the 30th anniversary of the release of Pretty In Pink.  I have never seen Pretty In Pink, but felt I could add value to the trending topic by giving you a list of "other stuff" that is also 30 years old.

1.  DNA