GeoCaching Supplies - What To Wear While Geocaching

Cold weather, the outdoors in general, and TICKS can make a fun hobby like Geocaching a complete nightmare.  When putting together your Geocaching Supplies Kit, it is imperative that you know what to wear while GeoCaching.

This blog post will NOT be covering that information.  Instead, this blog post will introduce a different take on what you should wear while GeoCaching.
I have already discussed the Christopher Hanson level of discomfort associated with creeping around playgrounds, parking lots, peoples yards, and the woods to find small canisters.  With that in mind, I would like to present:

5 Outfits That Will Make Your GeoCaching Experience Less Creepy


Why?  Most people will take a general "Lets Leave That Guy Alone" approach when they see someone creeping around their neighborhood in a plutonium suit.  In fact, when people see a plutonium suit, they typically think you are there on purpose, or you just arrived from 1985.  Just be sure to wear the hat, because without it, people may mistake you for an ill-fated meth dealer.  


Along the same lines as Plutonium Suit, you can rest assured that most people will not call the police if they see an astronaut hovering around their bushes.  Some will stop and salute a national hero, others will just watch to see where you are going and what you are doing.  Space Suits are also very practical, as they are resistant to cold weather, ticks, and the making of friends.  


Along the same lines as Space Suit, you are from a distant land, lost, and probably hungry.  Neighbors may offer you a snack.  If they do, be sure to act confused, and try to consume it rectally first.  Especially if it is an Oreo.  This will confirm your alien identity and make the humans feel more comfortable.  

4.  TREE

This one seems obvious.  People look out their window, think they see a tree move, and think it is just windy out or something. Note that some tree costumes can limit finger dexterity, and can attract bears looking for honey.  To avoid being confused for a tree by wild animals, we recommend getting a T-Shirt that says "GeoCaching Gives Me Wood."  Get it?  Tree....Wood?  


Seems to be a home run.  Actually rather disappointed this has not been done more frequently.  First, nobody ever sees this guy.  You can go around virtually undetected by the human eye.  The red and white stripes will fend off the wild animals.  Jeans will keep the ticks off.  The winter hat will keep you warm on cold days.   

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