You Need To Know Sunday - Best Uses For Baby Bell Cheese Wax

Hey everyone.  Welcome to a little segment I like to call "You Need To Know Sunday."  Because its Sunday, and this is something you need to know.

Backstory - I heard Baby Bell Cheeses were a healthy snack and my kids LOVE peeling off the wax.  After throwing away all of those red wax wrappers, I thought to myself....

"There Has To Be A Better Use For These!!!"

A quick google search will show you that people use the cheese to make cute designs.

But lets get real.  What do actual people do with these things.  
Without further ado, I bring you the....

 (supposed to be read like an echo, echo, echo.)  

1.  Tanning Goggles

Starting with the obvious.  Let's face it.  We have all thought about this one.  You can also poke tiny holes in them and look at a solar eclipse.

2.  Ken Helmet

Sometimes Ken needs a helmet.  Maybe when he is riding a bike or  taking Barbie on a casual spelunking adventure.  Conversely, with some manipulation, you can also make a new line of Ken and Barbie, cheese scented bathing suits out of them.  

3.  Emergency Clown Nose

Maybe you are confronted by a rogue posse of disgruntled clowns in the wood and all you have is your satchel filled with granola and baby bell cheese.  This wax could SAVE YOUR LIFE by providing a disguise to help you blend in.

4.  Emergency Teaspoon

Maybe those clowns are only disgruntled because they have no means for measuring 1 TSP of a particular powder or liquid.  While using one half as your emergency clown nose (see number 3) you can use the other half to save the day and calm the crowd.

5.  Fancy Letter Seal

So lets say that you diffuse the clown situation and decide to make one of those clowns your pen-pal.  What better way to send the message that you truly care than to use the wax to seal an envelope.  In this instance, I used a penny to stamp the envelope.  I figured both clowns and Abraham Lincoln loved the theater, so they have that in common.  Either way, this will make you look fancy.  You will be the envy of your friends and family come Christmas Card time.

6.  Protect Your Tootsies

We have all woken up in the middle of the night to use the potty, and stubbed our toe.  Baby Bell cheese wax makes a great barrier of protection against those nasty pieces of furniture.  I have also been told that this can keep your toenail polish from chipping, but do not know from personal experience.  We are still in the testing phase.  

7.  Yeah, This One Is Real

I am always impressed by what humanity has created in the past 2,000 + years.  Apparently, there is a whole subculture of people who create beautiful art, sculptures, and even clothing (yes, you read that right) from Baby Bell cheese wax.  Here is your first tutorial if you are ready to jump down that rabbit hole.  How to Make A Baby Bell Wax Figure

And that makes 7.  I hope you enjoyed them.  Please share and subscribe.  If I forgot anything, feel free to put it in the comments below.

Share your brain farts with the world, because brain farts never stink.

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