My Quick Halloween Party Food Idea

Every been rushed to bring something to a party?

Hopefully, you, like me, are smart enough to go to google and  search for simple party food ideas.  So there I was, two hours before a Halloween party, and I found a simple idea from Hostess With The Mostess

A Jack-O-Lantern Cheese Ball Recipe

Step 1:  Gather Your Ingredients

For this one, it was pretty simple.  Black Olives for the face, small pickles for the stem, and 3 cheese balls.  People asked me if I made the cheese ball from scratch.  Why on earth would you make a cheese ball from scratch?  They sell cheese balls.  Buy the cheese balls.  Just like hot dogs.  Who stuffs their own hot dogs?

Step 2:  Smash Them Together

I enjoyed this part.  It was like making meatloaf, but a meatless kind, from cheese.  I felt like the cow was happier that I just used his old milk instead of his face.

Step 3:  Doritos (not a sponsor)

I just wrote that so you know that you can use any kind of orange, cheesy potato chip.  But if you work for Doritos, I will allow you to sponsor this post.  Put the doritos in a bowl and smash them up.  Lots of Doritos were harmed in the making of this food.

Step 4:  Roll Your Ball In The Doritos

So this is where shit got sticky, but actually it wasn't sticky.  I had a super hard time getting the Doritos to stick to the cheese ball.  You, sort of, have to stick them all on one at a time.  And I don't know if it was necessary.  My wife thought I covered it in oatmeal, which I thought was weird.  I mean, why would you cover this in oatmeal?

Step 5:  Add Face And Stem

Also harder than it looks.  Cheese balls are pretty dense.  Smashing an olive into a cheese balls face just gives you a smashed olive.  I recommend cutting a little hole out of the cheese ball and then adding the olives.  Same for the mouth.  Same for the stem.  If you try to jam your pickle into your cheese ball, you may have issues.  PS...I bought the pack of little pickles that come in the plastic tub with the aluminum foil cover, and when you open those, you usually get pickle juice on you, which you should clean off, unless your Halloween costume is "Giant Pickle."  Then it adds to your ambiance.  

Step 6:  Garnish and Plate

Cheese goes well with crackers, and when strolling through the aisle at the grocery store, I found out that Ritz makes bacon infused crackers.  I used those because, duh, bacon.

Step 7:  Bring To Party

This part is super important, otherwise, you will just come home to a melted pile of cheese on bacon flavored crackers, which, in and of itself is not a bad thing, but you don't get any credit for bringing it to the party, and nobody is super impressed with your Halloween snack skills, or with your Giant Pickle Costume that smells like pickles. 

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