Someone Who Reads This Will Win The PowerBall Jackpot


And holy shit, would I love YOU to win this Powerball Jackpot.  Why you?  Why not me?  Let me explain, then I will give you my prediction of the winning numbers, along with a quick reasoning.


Reason 1 - It's cold outside, and I really don't feel like going outside and buying a ticket.  

Reason 2 - Let's be brutally honest.  If YOU read this post, play my prediction, AND win, you will more than likely share something with me.  To make it interesting, if you continue reading, and win the jackpot, I will expect you to send me 1% of the winnings, or at least buy me something from my post titled "8 Things JJ Abrams Should Buy After The Force Awakens Opens."

Reason 3 - When the news reports that "Powerball Winner Got Numbers From" I will more than likely never need money again.  I will write a short book and retire.  


Not rocket science, but data collection can be time consuming.  My team at Atomic Brain Farts and I did extensive research on statistical data and looked at all the Powerball drawings from November 5, 1997 until the most recent drawing on January 6, 2016 and compiled ALL of the numbers into a spreadsheet.  

I then tried to make a chart in Excel.  I gave up as soon as I realized that I could not figure out how to turn it into a chart.  I ate a banana, tried a little harder and came up with these.  

The problem was that Powerball, through the course of history, has changed how many numbers you could pick, most recently by adding 60-69 in October of 2015, and subtracting some potential Power Ball numbers, so I had to look at the frequency and check my flux capacitor.  Explicit details will be reserved for the book I write after you win the Powerball.

So, without further adieu, here are my predictions for the $800,000,000.00 PowerBall drawing:

1.  Most Frequently Drawn White Balls - 16, 26, 32, 40, 41
2.  Lease Frequently Drawn White Balls - 60, 61, 65, 66, 67 (Obviously because they were just added.)
3.  Most Frequently Drawn White Balls By Probability - 26, 32, 41, 62, 68
4.  Least Frequently Drawn White Balls By Probability - 56, 57, 58, 60, 61

1.  Most Frequently Drawn Power Ball - 20
2.  Lease Frequently Drawn Power Balls - 42
3.  Most Frequently Drawn Power Balls By Probability - 20
4.  Least Frequently Drawn Power Balls By Probability - 42

1.  Even by reading this, you are in now way guaranteed to win.  Lotto is a game of chance, this is a disclaimer, and if I get a genuine angry email because you didn't win, you are an idiot.

2.  I am not a statistician, or even that good at math.  Best I could do, pretty accurate, and I hope I am right.

3.  I put different combinations up there so you can get creative.  If ALL of my readers played the same numbers and won, she would only get $800,000,000.00.  Thanks for reading Joyce.

4.  The first date of this research was from 11/5/97.  If you google 11/5/97, the first result is a 40 Minute "Price Is Right" episode with "an interesting contestant named Sandra."  I have not watched the video yet, but given that it is the #1 google search result for that date, it must contain something special.

5.  You can find the video here.

6.  If the ACTUAL winning power ball numbers are somehow embedded in that video, I will shit.

7.  I did giggle a little bit every time I wrote "White Balls."

Good luck friends.  Please be sure to let me know how it goes in the comments, and if you win I will be looking for my check in the mail.  Remember, you can't win if you don't play, unless you are playing a game of not winning, then you can win without playing, but you would probably rather play so you didn't win.


  1. I would certainly do it, if I win using your prediction and analysis. Is it possible to make something similar using other USA lottery results

  2. I have done the similar analysis for French Lotto results and have to admit it gave me several secondary winnings (and not the jackpot). Still I'm not quite sure whether that was due to my efforts or just due to the sheer luck. I'll take your advice. Hope I'll be lucky to win and share with you.

  3. Thank you Mathew!
    Could you please write how exactly I need to set up analysis for Monday lotto results Please email me if you can help me with it.
    Thanks bro!

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