What Comes In Loot Crate?

As some of you know, I have been a subscriber to LootCrate for about 3 months now.  Call it my need to get a surprise party in a box once a month.  People often ask me what, exactly, comes in a Loot Crate, so I thought I would share the February crate with you.

Each crate comes in a black box, and each month has a different theme.  The theme for February was "Dead."  This could include anything related to the word dead: DeadPool, Walking Dead, Grateful Dead, etc.  So without further adieu, here is the crate.

All three crates I have gotten have been cool looking.  (see above)

The first thing out of my Loot Crate is a QFig Deadpool figurine.  I am a big fan of Deadpool, but lets be honest, this is useless crap that will take up room in my already crowded basement.  I have two daughters and my they do not want this intermingled in their Barbies.  

Next Up, a Walking Dead "blind bag."  This is nothing super special, but given the fact that he is "Lego-esque" I will keep him around to protect Lego Anna and Lego Elsa in the event Hans or Kristoph become Walkers. (hey, it could happen, my kids are pretty messed up.)

Third out of the box, great T-Shirt.  I have an affinity for graphic superhero T's, and this one does not disappoint.  While LootCrate does not guarantee that apparel will be included, all three of my LootCrates thus far have included a pretty cool shirt.  You will probably see me wearing this to church on Sunday.  Just kidding, I dont go to church.

Fourth, EPIC.  This is a Walking Dead Walker Ear Soap on a Rope Necklace.  When my adonis-like physique needs washing, this will more than likely be the soap i'm a usin'.  I envision holding one end in each hand and being able to scrub my back to a baby like cleanliness with zombie ears.  Don't worry, they are not Walker Scented.

Fifth.  This is a pin.  Every LootCrate comes with a pin that authenticates the fact that you received that months crate.  Call it a badge of honor.  After writing this post, I am on my way to ebay to find a man-sized girl scout sash to pin all three of my #Lootpins to.

Finally, the book.  This is basically the LootCrate magazine for the month.  I didn't pay much attention to the first one I received, but since then, has found it one of the better items in the crate.  This month has a fully illustrated guide to surviviing a zombie apocalypse, Deadpool's Delicious Taco Recipe (which will be a post in itself), a Which Walking Dead Character Are You Survey, and a bunch of games and contests.  This is essentially Cosmo for super cool dudes.

My honest review of LootCrate, each crate typically has one super cool thing, a pretty cool shirt, a decent magazine, and some crap that you will think is neat and then shove into a corner somewhere.  Contents probably retails for about $40.00, so for $20.00 per month I think it is well worth the price.  Some of the stuff I have even given away as gifts.  If you have interest in subscribing to LootCrate, click here.  

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