My 6 Favorite Google Search Results for "Bread Sandals"

In an effort to save everyone some time this weekend, I went ahead and googled "Bread Sandals" and took only the best of the best search results.  Here they are for your reading pleasure today.  

1.  The Original "Bread Sandal"

My assumption is that someone saw two loaves of bread, thought they would be comfortable shoes, and proceeded to carve them in this fashion.  Due to the lack of wear and tear, I assume they have not yet been worn.

2.  The Advanced Deli Sandwich Shoe

Obviously someone saw the original "Bread Sandal" and felt it bland given the lack of meat, cheese and onions.  They also felt the closed toe fashion was a bit cumbersome, so went with a thong sandal.

3.  Time On Your Hands On Your Feet 

This was done by someones husband/father, probably while his wife was out with the kids, probably during the time he was supposed to be fixing the railing.  Nonetheless, it is certain that he proudly presented this to his family upon their return without regard for the still broken aforementioned railing.  

4.  This Tweet Between Andrew Odell and AldiUK

I cannot imagine under any circumstance where my wife would find a live mouse in her loaf of bread, and tell me to "tween at @aldiUK."  I believe a phone call or return trip to the store would be required.  

5.  This Cartoon

Believe it or not, it took me until this photo to make the correlation between bread sandals and "loafers."  Either way, this dude looks psyched to power walk in those bad boys, and enthusiasm is contagious, like yeast infections.  Pow.  Two puns in one bullet point.

6.  Portable, Foldable Bread Slicer

I cannot think of a SINGLE instance where I would need to tell my wife to, "Quick Honey.  We are going to the Corleone's house.  Be sure to pack the portable, foldable bread slicer."  Yet, it is an actual product.  Click here to see its features and read the reviews.

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