Candy Cane Hearts Recipe And Results!

The girls and I decided to take a run at Candy Cane Hearts yesterday, so I wanted to share our method and results.  This was pretty easy, took about 20 minutes total, and was the kids had a good time.  Especially on step 3.

Step 1:  PREPARE


Prep was pretty easy.  Preheated oven to 235, arranged candy canes on parchment paper (which I just
learned how to use).  Once oven is preheated, stick them in the oven for about 6 minutes.

Step 2:  Shape Them Like Hearts

When you take them out of the oven, the candy canes will be soft.  Some blogs tell you to have your kids do this part.  These are fucking hot.  The pan is also fucking hot.  I still can't taste anything with my fingers after doing this.  I guess if your kids are a little older and have skin made of adamantium it would be ok to let them do it.  Otherwise, smoosh them together yourself.  If they cool, pop them back in the oven for a few minutes.  

Step 3:  Smash Some Candy Canes

Throw some candy canes in a Ziploc Bag.  Be sure to take the Boxtops For Education off the Ziploc box.  Send it to your kids school.  Its worth 10 cents there, and worth nothing in your drawer.  Then pull out the mallet in your drawer that you use once every seven years and let your kids go to town on a bag of candy canes.  Tell them to use the flat side.  If you use the pointy side, the bag rips.  Kids nowadays do not smash enough stuff.  Let them smash it, and smash it hard.  Go "Italian" and let them dance on the bag like grapes.  Note, if your kids dance on the bag, I would not recommend serving these to guests.  Some people are turned off by kid feet on their food.  

Step 4:  Fill With Melted Chocolate And Sprinkle Crushed Candy Cane In


Don't pull out the fondue maker.  Put some chocolate chips in a microwave safe measuring cup and warm it up for a minute or two.  Again, this will be HOT.  Proceed with caution.  Then open your Ziploc bag and sprinkle some crushed deliciousness on top.

5.  Arrange Them Nicely and Take a Picture To Show Your Friends

Because it's the 90's and we like to overdocument everything.  More importantly, tell your kids how delicious they look and what a great job they did.  Eat one and pretend it tastes good.  Bring them to family as gifts.  

Honestly, they are pretty hard to eat.  They fall apart when you bite into them and taste kind of shitty.  That might be some of my kids foot residue, but they were fun and easy.  Try this out and let me know how it goes.  Also, don't forget to enter your email address to subscribe to this blog!  Important stuff here everybody.  

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