Bacon Wrapped Chicken Nuggets

Ah, July 4th.  A day to celebrate our independence, barbecue, and watch some fire works.  Every year we have a barbecue, and there is nothing I like better than kicking off the summer with a couple of bacon explosions!  Click Here for the Bacon Explosion Recipe.  

But every year, I am left with just a few lonely pieces of bacon left over.  Sometimes I cook them for the hamburgers, and sometimes I pack them up for later use.  This year, I got creative.  As I pondered what to do with this bacon, I walked by my wife, who was coincidentally making chicken nuggets for the kids to eat at the barbecue.  Adults like chicken nuggets too.  Adults also like bacon.  I have a skewer that is not being used.  

Chicken nugget + free skewer + bacon + hot grill = 

First, grab skewer!  

(*Note:  Be sure to have BACON BAND-AIDS nearby in the event that you get an ouchie)

Step 2, get bacon (I like thick cut) and frozen (precooked) chicken nuggets

Third....WRAP BACON!
(*Note:  I like wrapping both ways to cover the entire nugget.  That way people don't know whats in it)

Fourth....Start Skewering
(See Step One For Notes on Ouchies)

How long?  Until the bacon is done to your liking.  Don't worry about the chicken, the nuggets are precooked, and they will be thoroughly thawed out by the time the bacon is done.

Thats it.  Remove from skewer.  Taste great dipped in BBQ and/or ranch dressing.

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